Political Ads

Meaney has been involved with three of the most attention grabbing and effective political ads in recent memory. 

Press Coverage Reel:

Republicans Watching Your Daughter (Director/Co-Writer/Producer) - September 2023

Created for the Democratic Super PAC Progress Action Fund, "Republicans Watching Your Daugther" is a hard hitting ad that received massive attention on its release, with 10 million + social media impressions, and retweets from everyone from congress members to George Takei.

The ad was covered on MSNBC, The Washington Post and News Nation, and hailed as "An incredibly compelling ad...searing in every way." MSNBC said "We need more of these." 

Republicans in Your Bedroom - November 2022

Created for the Democratic Super PAC Progress Action Fund, this ad found incredible viral success on social media, with 30 million+ impressions, and coverage on MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. Nicole Wallace said an "instant entry to the political ad hall of fame," and News Nation reported that this single ad drove over 2 million voters to the August 2023 Ohio special election.

Keep Republicans Out of Your Hospital - January 2024

Hailed by News Nation as "like a theatrical production," this ad, co-produced with Progress Action Fund and Congressman Eric Swalwell was launched in the special election to replace George Santos, with millions of social media impressions, and coverage on The Hill.