PATRICK MEANEY is a filmmaker who has built a strong reputation in the indie filmmaking world over the past ten years. During that period, he has produced and directed six features, overseeing all aspects of production and post-production, and delivery. His films have played at festivals around the world, and been released on Netflix, Hulu, Starz, Amazon Prime and other prominent VOD outlets.

His most recent project was House of Demons, a mind bending psychedelic horror film that was hailed as “impressive...sure to delight indie horror audiences everywhere” by the Huffington Post. Unseen Films said that House of Demons “is a gem... it will end up a touchstone film for many people for years to come.” The film was distributed by Smith Global Media/Sony Home Entertainment in 2018, and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

In addition to narrative work, he is the definitive documentarian in the world of comic books. Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously, The Image Revolution and Chris Claremont's X-Men dive into the stories behind the stories of the biggest creators and events in comic book history. For this work, he won the Best Documentary award at the Comic-Con International Film Festival.

On the print side, he wrote the comic book series Last Born for Black Mask Studios and is currently writing Syphon for Image Comics. Last Born was hailed as “awe- inspiring” by Ain't It Cool News and Outright Geekery said “Last Born is truly something special.”

In addition to film projects, he has worked extensively with major brands on a variety of projects, including Lenovo, ESPN, Comedy Central, Ring, Tongal and more.

His films have played at film festivals and comic conventions around the world, including the Napa Valley Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Belfast Film Festival, as well as San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. He has shared the stage for panels with Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.