100% on Rotten Tomatoes

"This film blew me away...The Brink Of does what few films do these days and gets the emotion and love of the audience by earning it and not manipulating us...the film is just so damn good." - Unseen Films

“It’d be impressive on any production, but on an indie like this? Meaney has truly done the impossible.” - Fanversation

“The Brink Of is a darn good film.” - Film Threat

A musical romance film about an indie pop duo, navigating their tumultuous relationship as partners on the brink of mainstream success

The film played festivals around the country, and has already won the Best Narrative Film - Audience Award at the Vero Beach Film Festival and Golden State Film Festival, as well as Best Songs/Score at the Nyack Film Festival.

Cast: Nicolette Norgaard, Tim Hoffmann, Mina Tobias

Written and Directed by Patrick Meaney

Original Songs by Nicolette Norgaard and Tim Hoffmann

Produced by Patrick Meaney, Nicolette Norgaard, Tim Hoffmann, Jordan Rennert

Executive Produced by Jonathan McHugh and Tamara Conniff

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