Where to Watch

So, you want to check out my stuff? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a master list of where to watch or read everything I’ve created…

Narrative Feature:HouseofDemons

House of Demons

Streaming: Amazon PrimeTubi

VOD: Google Play / Youtube / iTunes / Vud

DVD: FYE / eBay / Amazon



Grant Morrison: Talking With Godsgrantlogoforsite

Streaming: Amazon Prime / Youtube/  tubi / Shout Factory TV / Amazon Prime UK

VOD: Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime UK

DVD: eBay / Amazon


Neil Gaiman: Dream DangerouslyNeil_Dream_Dangerously_Poster_

Streaming: Amazon Prime / Shout Factory TV / Amazon Prime UK

VOD: Vimeo on Demand

Blu-Ray: Amazon / Amazon UK / WalMart / Bull Moose


The Image Revolution91f9ydzmw0l-_sl1500_

Streaming: Amazon Prime / HooplaShout Factory TV / Amazon Prime UK

VOD: Vudu / Amazon

DVD: Amazon  / WalMart / Best Buy / FYE / Shout Factory


Chris Claremont’s X-Menchris_claremont_x-men_key_art_11


Amazon Prime / Tubi / Amazon Prime UK

VOD: Amazon / Amazon UK


Warren Ellis: Captured GhostsEllisforSite

Streaming: Amazon Prime / Shout Factory TV / Amazon Prime UK / Youtube

VOD: Youtube

DVD: Amazon / eBay


She Makes Comics [Produced with Marisa Stotter]Screen-Shot-2015-10-22-at-11.27.02-AM-360x202

Streaming: HooplaTubi

VOD: Amazon



Last Born [Comic Series with Eric Zawadzki]LastBorn-02_cover_orientationB

Print: AmazonBlack Mask Store / Mile High Comics /

Digital: Comixology


Our Sentence is Up: Seeing The Invisibles [Analytical Book]5full200

Print: Amazon

Digital: Amazon