The Image Revolution



This documentary tells the story of the seven creators who left Marvel, and the triumphs and struggles of Image Comics, from its early success in the mid 90s through the comics market collapse of the late 90s, and the company’s recent rebirth with successful titles like The Walking Dead. The Image founders are huge personalities, and even many years later, they’re still passionate about the company they created, and contentious about their interpersonal struggles.

This is a documentary about the American ideal of entrepreneurship and personal freedom, and the challenge of maintaining integrity in the face of success. The film includes interviews with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, as well as Walking Dead cast members Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.

The film was released by Shout Factory in 2016. You can order right now, and it also available to view on Amazon Prime.

“An extraordinary film.” – The Beat

“Ground-breaking” – Bleeding Cool

“An absolute must watch…one of the best documentaries of the year.” – Latino Review

“A Must Have Documentary” – Examiner

“It Will Stay With You” – Newsarama

Director: Patrick Meaney Director of Photography: Jordan Rennert Producers: Jordan Rennert, Patrick Meaney Executive Producers: Mike Phillips, Julian Darius Editor: Patrick Meaney

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