One year ago, Angel met her perfect man at a Doctor Who convention, but she never got his name! Now she travels with friend Tamara to the same con to find the guy, only problem is all she remembers is he was cosplaying the tenth Doctor, and she’s going to have trouble finding him…

The short was produced in 2015 and has played at several film festivals and cons, including Dragon Con, Wizard World Sacramento, Comikaze, Geek Film Fest, Grand Rapids Comic Con and Gallifrey One. It was also featured in Doctor Who Magazine. It is currently available on Amazon Prime.


Starring: Chloe Dykstra, Tiffany Smith, Kit Williamson

Written by: Emily Blake and Michael Patrick Sullivan

Directed by: Patrick Meaney

Produced by: Jordan Rennert, Patrick Meaney, Marisa Stotter

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