Occupy Comics – “The Green”


“My favorite comics story in this issue was “The Green” by Patrick Meaney with Eric Zawadzki on art” – ComicSpectrum

Comic Book Short Story

Written by Patrick Meaney | Art by Eric Zawadzki

Published by Black Mask Studios in 2014

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SUMMARY: A short story contribution to the Occupy Comics anthology.

NOTES: “The Green” was a part of this all star anthology celebrating and eulogizing the Occupy movement. It appeared alongside work by industry titans like Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Art Spiegelman and many more.

MY THOUGHTS: This collection of stories is a great look back at an exciting moment in time that deserves to be remembered. For me personally, it was an incredible honor to be included in an anthology with so many great creators, and to start a working relationship with Eric Zawadzki and Black Mask.

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