Last Born


Comic Book Miniseries| 2014 | Written by Patrick Meaney | Art by Eric Zawadzki| Black Mask Studios | Buy It Now

SUMMARY: Last Born is a cosmic fantasy about Julia, a frustrated teenager in the early 1960s who goes out in search of adventure and finds it when she finds herself in a desolate future where humanity’s been wiped out, and she must restart life on Earth before it’s too late!



“Awe-inspiring” – Aint It Cool News

“I loved issue one…9/10″ – Bloody Disgusting

“A smart, aware comic, which leads in unexpected and rousing new directions on each page” – The Spire



NOTES: The complete series is now available for purchase in single issue format or digitally here.


MY NOTES: I’m incredibly proud of this series and it’s been a joy to see Eric create art that’s better than I could have imagined. After working in low budget film for so long, having the opportunity to work on a big canvas and tell any story possible, I wanted to do something big and epic, and I think this series is that. But it’s also very personal, and I hope strikes a balance that works for people and feels fresh and original. Hopefully this will be the first of many comic book projects…

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