Patrick Meaney – Editor


As an editor, my primary interest is storytelling. Be it narrative, documentary, music video or corporate, I’m always trying to convey a message in the most efficient, effective way possible. I take pride in editing quickly while still being thorough and quality oriented. I can develop projects independently or work in close collaboration with a producer, and am able to quickly work through notes. I have been lucky enough to edit a wide variety of projects over the years…



I have edited six documentary features, stories about the worlds of pop culture and the power of creativity. These films have played festivals around the world, received critical praise from major media outlets and won awards. Documentary editing is about finding a story in the messiness of the real world, and the same skill set that applied to these films can be applied to any sort of video about the world around us.



I have edited three narrative features. The key principle for me in editing a film is to respect the script, but also look beyond what was written and maximize the potential of the footage that was shot. It’s exciting to take a scene to the next level, and find something that you could never have imagined on the page.



I’ve worked with a wide variety of agencies, companies and non-profits to bring their message to the screen. I have edited projects for companies like Intel and Lenovo,  promotional content that has aired on FX, Bravo and CNBC and videos featuring celebrities like One Direction, Gloria Steinem, Carly Rae Jepsen and Flo Rider. When working with a brand, I’m always conscious of trying to have every element of the video, from music to graphics to video effects, reinforce the image they are trying to present. Be it fun and hip or respectful and dignified, I want to respect the goals of the client and help them understand their vision and bring it to life.


Music Video/Comedy:

Editing music video and comedy projects is one of my favorite things to do. I have worked with different bands to bring their stories to the screen, created videos that have aired on Comedy Central, and edited content for Fringe Festival musicals, and even comedy work for ESPN.


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